GLD innovations tailored to your pipeline

There are no problems, only solutions

The GLD system offers a tailored solution for every customer, and their requirements. It begins with a pig chassis matched specifically to every pipeline, goes beyond acoustic markers with differing acoustic signatures, pipe joint recognition integrated into the leak detector for exact localisation, a smart leak detector with multispectral analysis, artificial leakages for faithful reproduction of damaged pipeline areas, and does not stop with custom-made products.

We have an innovative development team that meets every single challenge with ambition.

GLD chassis, customised diameters for each pipeline.

GLD software development for custom requirements.

In-house GLD circuit board development.

In the context of transporting liquids and gases via pipelines, incidents continually emerge that seriously disrupt operations, and which can lead to decommissioning the pump operation. In the most serious cases, further to production stoppages, this includes bodily injury, environmental damage, and property damage on an unprecedented scale.

The GLD system offers customised solutions for a variety of needs.

Here are a couple of examples:


Production stoppage caused by an undetected leak

Our solution

Precise localisation

Integrated into our devices is an IMU which, together with a joint detection algorithm developed in-house, makes possible the exact pinpointing of damaged areas. This is achieved with an accuracy of a few metres, independent of the length of the pipeline.


Pig position not retrievable
False alarms, e.g. due to interference with a railway line in the vicinity of the pipeline, or environmental damage caused by invasive pig signallers.

Our solution

Intelligent analysis of magnet fields and non-destructive installation

We have developed a smart pig signaller based on several hall sensors that can be strapped non-destructively to the pipeline, and makes false alarms caused by external influences a thing of the past.


Product theft caused by drilled openings in the pipeline

Our solution

Precise detection and localisation of even the smallest leaks

In many cases, our system has already detected and localised drilled openings, and product theft, through the use of specific multispectral analysis, and the combination of several measurement systems.


Challenging pipeline with a specific diameter, curvature, or similar

Our solution

Customised design and production

In collaboration with you, we determine your requirements, develop, and produce a tailor-made solution specifically customised to your pipeline.


Persistent false alarms due to loud environmental noises of the pipeline

Our solution

Smart detection

Not only does our GLD system have a vastly expanded frequency range, it also provides information regarding the origin of the sounds recorded, and, therefore, helps prevent false alarms. Familiar background noises can even be used as virtual markers for distance setting.


Your certifier, or competent supervisory authority, requests a procedure test specifically tailored to the your circumstances.

Our solution

Customised certification

In most cases, the current TÜV Nord procedure test will suffice. For specific requirements, our equipment and apparatus engineers have developed and produced a test setup that precisely matches your needs, such that our device can be certified accordingly for you.


We could not convince you, and you are perhaps even of the opinion that you do not have a leak, or a drilled opening.

Our solution

Play it safe

Book us for a test run and we usually find some leakages or drilled openings. You will receive a precise inspection report with geographic data within two to three days.

In your case, our team of specialists will also find a solution.