Market-leading pipeline technology made in Germany

GOTTSBERG Leak Detection GmbH & Co. KG

In 1945, Hans Gottsberg laid the foundation for the family business, which is now led by the 3rd generation. In the last decade, the specialist GOTTSBERG Leak Detection (GLD) division has proved itself as an innovative and reliable provider of leak detection systems. The entire GLD system was developed and manufactured by leading experts in sound analysis and pig solutions. Originally designed for challenging pipelines in Europe, it is now used around the world.

In recent years, thanks to the shared experience of our customers and GLD engineers, our successful GLD system was further perfected such that we have become one of the world’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of smart pipeline leak detection systems.

In addition to many thousands of successful inspection runs, the system is certified to, compliant with, and easily surpasses all applicable quality and services standards, such as the German TRFL [Technical Regulations for Pipelines (Technische Regel für Fernleitungen)], or the American API [American Petroleum Institute] 1175.

Comprehensive solutions from a single source

From development, through manufacturing, to servicing

We develop and manufacture all our own products and systems. Our team comprises specialists in software development, circuit board design and manufacturing, as well as precision engineering technicians. This perfect team balance enables us to fulfil almost all of our customers’ technical requests.

GLD software development

GLD circuit board development

GLD chassis manufacturing

In 2016, we were delighted to receive the acclaimed German Precision Mechanics Award.

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