Buying high-tech today means it is already outdated tomorrow

As specialists in pipeline inspection, we make use of four decades worth of experience in the development, manufacture, and sale of leak detection pigs, and their accessories. With our know-how, we’re ideally placed to make our innovative technology available to you as a service. You are therefore guaranteed that the latest technology is always used.

To this, GOTTSBERG Leak Detection offers a range of possible models with which we can respond to your individual requirements and structures.

You can, for example, book devices and personnel for single runs, but you can also let us organise the complete, and long-term, leak testing of your pipeline within the framework of continued cooperation.

For you, this means reduced costs, less work, and decreased risk.

Sit back and relax. With us, your pipeline is in safe hands.

GLD Service: reduced costs, less work, decreased risk.

For you, the maintenance, cleaning, and storage of pigs, as well as the read out of technical data is no longer necessary. All of this is done for you by our specialist team.

GLD Service team with clients on-site.

Implanting the GLD device.

GLD device in the pipeline.

For us, pigging, and the subsequent analysis result, is every time a great delight, and validation.