The uniqueness is in the detail

Smart detection with precision

Our innovative sensor technology, perfected by our high-definition signal processing, results in a detection and localisation accuracy which sets the highest standards.

This unique character is only surpassed by our system’s safety, which is documented with a certification in accordance with ATEX Standard Zone 0. The GLD pig is the only smart pig worldwide with such an authorisation.

The autonomous moving GLD pig is used during daily operations, as well as in very long and demanding pipelines, and ensures the detection/pinpointing of minor leakages. Standard operations continue in a stable manner. There are no malfunctions, or the need to expensively decommission the installation. Operating conditions can even be altered during deployment of the GLD system, without the measurement being negatively influenced.

Compared with other leak detection pigs, our GLD system not only has a vastly expanded frequency range, but it also provides information regarding the origin of the sounds recorded.

For you, this not only means a much finer detection of leakages inside your pipeline, which would probably have remained undetected, but also the prevention of false alarms. Our GLD system shows you exactly which signals represent a risk of leakage. All other background noises from the surrounding areas of your pipeline can be identified as such, and classified as non-hazardous.

Furthermore, familiar background noises contribute to refining the detection accuracy as they serve as virtual markers.

Our method of detection improves your profitability, and, therefore, your success!

Welcome Mini

Innovation and precision in mini-format

In 2017, we developed the GLD 204. It is the smallest device of its kind worldwide. At 19.8 cm long, weighing 1900 g, and with a 6.9 cm diameter, we’re extremely proud of our Mini. Now, it is even possible to use our world-leading technology in liquid pipelines with a nominal diameter of 100 mm.

2017 saw the release of our GLD 204.

The GLD 204 is the smallest device of its kind worldwide.

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