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GLD - Gottsberg Leak Detection

Step by step to the result.

The operating procedure in practice.

GLD - Gottsberg Leak Detection
Test detektor GLD 202 Nr. 000

Preparation for a pipeline run begins with putting the GLD 202 Detector into the receptacle of the GLD 406 Battery Charger. Then an electrical connection is made by cable between the detector and charger. Operating voltages of the GLD 202 are examined and if necessary, its batteries are charged. Removing the chassis, or opening the detector, is no longer necessary for charging.

Now the detector is set up with the help of a PC. The parameters for the start and end of data recording, as well as other settings necessary for documentation of the pipeline run, are adjusted. Subsequently, if needed, the protective cap over the plug connection is closed.

GLD - Gottsberg Leak Detection
Pig Trap

Then the assembly is placed in the chassis. The optional odometer wheels are electrically connected to the detector. These signals are outside the danger zone in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The detector installed in its chassis meets all standards for explosion prevention. After insertion into the pig trap, it is flooded and the journey down the pipeline begins.