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GLD - Gottsberg Leak Detection

Control is good. Controlled safety is better.

Early leak detection in pipelines.

Pipelines have the same job in a national economy as arteries in an organism. They transport important raw materials. As in the organism, any interruption and/or disturbance can have unfavorable effects on the whole system. So the safe, reliable transport of media in pipelines is an absolute must. Interruptions must be avoided.

In pipelines which are mostly underground or offshore, these can lead to substantial complications. One of the most serious problems is leaks. These can have different causes, such as irregularities in a welded seam, corrosion, or a material defect. Holes and tears can expand to large leaks, and even lead to a burst pipeline. The consequences are not only loss of product and expensive failures, but also very costly environmental pollution. So, early leak detection is of the greatest importance.

Pipeline analysis was the way. Optimised early leak detection the goal.

Methods of pipeline inspection.

Measurement methods that rely on pressure reduction or volume loss are not frequent or sensitive enough to find small leaks. With large leaks, however, they react immediately and lead to shutting down entire systems.

The most sensitive measurement procedures, accomplished in various ways by intelligent pigs (PIGs, Pipeline Inspection Gauges), are very cost-intensive. These costs are caused by large material and personnel expenditures. Also, pipeline operation can be impaired or interrupted for several days.

With this background, the Gottsberg team has pursued a clear goal: Development and manufacture of a highly sensitive but still flexible procedure for early leak recognition.

The future begins with three letters: GLD.

The Gottsberg Leak Detection system.

This system is a new development, based on the proven Sick-Maihak leak detector (MLD). It is based on over 30 years of leak detector knowhow, as well as the knowledge and improvements of the Gottsberg development team.

The innovation? It’s simple in principle: By collection of specific ultrasonic signals and multi-channel spectrographic analysis, even small leaks can be recognized and located. Such small failure points were a particular problem with pipelines laid in soil and water, since interference from other sounds prevented their detection. These problem areas can now be detected and ignored by multispectrographic analysis. Integrity tests required at regular intervals during pipeline operation by official regulations and pipeline operators’ safety rules can now be done properly.

Normal operation of the pipeline can be maintained during examination with the Gottsberg system. Use of the GLD takes place without time- and cost-intensive interruptions in operations. Applicable safety precautions for use in explosive atmospheres are minimized, compared with similar systems. Its operation requires minimal use of personnel.

The GLD equipment system is compatible with its MLD predecessor as far as possible. During development, we made certain that MLD components can be reused and/or adapted via an upgrade. The Gottsberg Leak Detection system consists of the following components:

  • GLD 202 Leak Detector
  • GLD 303 Chassis
  • GLD 406 Battery Charger
  • GLD 700 Analysis Software
  • GLD 500 Marker
  • GLD 600 Pig Detector