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GLD - Gottsberg Leak Detection

It runs and runs and runs...

The GLD 303 Chassis.

The GLD 202 Detector can be used in pipelines with an inside diameter of 200mm or more. The original MLD Chassis is made from a special electrically conductive plastic. In recent practice a new model made of durable stainless steel has worked better: The GLD 303 chassis.


  • Easy installation and removal of the detector in the chassis
  • Reduction of flow noise and impact sound transmission, therefore less background noise, so leak and marker sounds can be recognized more clearly
  • Basic parts of stainless steel make easy repair and refitting possible by welding
  • Computer-aided development and production methods make it possible to adapt each chassis to special pipeline conditions
  • Optional 3rd and 4th level wheels
  • Retrieval grips and impact protection make operations easier for your technical personnel
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX, Directive 94/9/EG and the relevant EN standards
  • Plastic version certified for Zone 0
  • Stainless steel version certified for Zone 0